All Christmas presents can be changed into something else until January 31st. We ship all the orders from our workshop in Valle, Setesdal and shipping time is 2-5 days, depending on where you live. We do encourage that you order your presents as soon as possible so we know that we have enough stock for all of you. 

Last day of guaranteed delivery with Posten/Bring in Norway is December 16th. We also have DHL Express as an option in Norway, and last day of guaranteed delivery with DHL Express is December 20th. 

For international shipping, we ship from Oslo with DHL Express and last day of guaranteed delivery is December 19th. 

Deadline for necklaces with fingerprint is week 48. 


Definition of the parties: the seller is Hasla Jewelry (Hasla AS)
•Identification: 976702824MVA.
•Mailing address: Hasla AS, PO Box 33, 4747 Valle
•Office Address: Nordibøvegen 134, 4747 Valle.
•Email:, phone: +47 37937380

In the following including termed we or us. Buyer: the person who is listed as the buyer in order. Hereinafter including customer, you, you, your or yours.

Terms (sales conditions) apply to all sales of products and services from to consumers in the online store, Buy terms, along with customer demand (confirmed by an order confirmation) constitute the total contract basis for purchase.

Booking and agreement
Your booking is binding when the order is recorded on our server (computer). We are also bound by your order if it does not differ from what is offered by us in our online store. You still have the right to withdraw from the purchase according to the law of cooling, see details below.
When we receive your order, we will confirm your order and send an automatic confirmation to you. Read carefully the order confirmation when you receive it. It is important that you examine whether the order confirmation is in compliance with the order.
Discrepancies between your order and the order confirmation is considered a new offer from us, which you can accept or reject. You still have the right to invoke your original booking if this is consistent with what we have offered. Exceptions may occur, for example, by obvious pricing error – see section below on prices. We strive to give our customers as correct information about our products as possible.
However, we take the proviso that writing / printing errors may occur, which may imply that we cannot deliver according to information published in our web shop, marketing or otherwise.
Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel your order or part thereof, if the product is sold out. The customer will be notified of this, together with information about new estimated delivery or alternative product. You will have the opportunity to accept our new offer with the changes we enter in relation to your order – or cancel the order.

Prices and shipping

Hasla Jewelry offer free shipping on all orders in Norway. We use “pakke i postkasse” and you will receive a tracking number when the items have been shipped. Bring will contact you once your shipment is underway with more information, this service normally takes 1-4 days to reach your local postoffice or post pickup point, depending on where you live. Then you will get information about how and when to pick your order up.

You can also choose DHL Express delivery in Norway. Your package will be shipped from Oslo and delivered overnight, remote areas will have 2 days delivery. DHL offers flexible delivery, and you can have your package delivered where ever you like. You are able to track the package every step of the way. 

Taxes and duties

For international shipping Hasla Jewelry uses DHL Express. We ship DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) which means that there are no extra costs when you receive your package. All duties and taxes are include in the shipping cost we charge you. Delivery time is: 

Europe: 1- 3 days, rest of the world 2 – 4 days from the day we ship your order.

Prices: Europe 350NOK, Rest of world 450NOK. Free shipping on all orders on all orders over 5000NOK.

Our shipping partner, DHL, offers you the flexibility to make changes to your delivery while you purchase is on its way to you. You will receive an SMS / E-mail notification after your order has been dispatched, follow the link provided and choose from a range of options oncluding: 

  • Rescheduling your delivery for a nominated day.
  • Placing your shipment on hold if you are away from home. 
  • Arranging to collect your order form a DHL service point. 

To find our if On Demand Delivery (ODD) is available in your country, visit 

All prices stated on the web shop are in NOK and inclusive 25% Norwegian VAT. Shipping costs are not included. The total cost of the purchase will appear before ordering and includes all expenses associated with the purchase, such as postage, freight, packaging etc.
Hasla Jewelry are not responsible for knowing the customs policies of other countries than Norway. If you have any questions with regards to the customs regulations in your specific country, please contact your local customs office.
Prices are constantly changing, and we therefore take reservations for price change. We reserve the right to refuse delivery on all items to fluctuations in price and stock situation. We also reserve the right to refuse delivery on all items on the basis of competitive conditions and all other causes. Products, which are in stock, will be shipped from us within 1-3 working days. Delivery time will vary, depending on where you live. Any price occurring after time of ordering not caused by defects (see below) is not retroactive.
If there have been writing or misprint of significant size from Hasla AS side, in advertisements, etc. and / or online store that is greater than 20% of the normal retail, Hasla Jewelry / Hasla AS can unilaterally modify, delete or reject orders. This applies even if the customer has received an order confirmation or similar. Such errors must be corrected within a reasonable time after the error is detected. Discount Coupons are valid only in the relevant period which is stated. Some discount codes and agreements are personal, and we reserve the right to disable discount codes at any misuse. Discount Coupons cannot be combined with other discount codes.
The purchase price may by your own choice be settled through Pay Pal or bank or credit card (Visa and MasterCard). When using card purchase price will be required upon booking. Your card will be charged when the goods are shipped from our store. If the package is not picked up by the customer and any kind of fee is added, the customer is responsible for the extra cost and will be charged all costs and expenses associated with the return-shipment. This includes freight charges, any extra payments, duties, taxes, and levies, return charges, any additional fee, etc.

Delivery and delay
Products will be delivered in the manner, at the place and at the time indicated on the order confirmation from Hasla Jewelry. We carry the risk of the products until they are acquired by you or a, i.e. when you’ve got the products in your possession.
If delivery of the product is delayed, we will give you information as soon as we have knowledge of it, along with information about when delivery can happen, or if the product is sold out. After you have received the products, you should as soon as possible examine whether delivery is in accordance with the order confirmation, the products have been damaged during transport or for any defects or deficiencies and notify us, preferably on
Whilst we take every care to ensure your goods are packaged in a way that protects them during transit, but sometimes damage does occur. Of course, we apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this issue may cause. If something har been damaged during transit please return the jewelry to us, and we’ll replace the jewelry. Notification of errors or defects in products can be made to us verbally or in writing.
Hasla Jewelry recommend that the complaint is submitted in writing. We use e-mail as the preferred method of communication in connection with complaints and returns. We reserve the right to forward complaints to the producer or supplier for further consideration of possible errors and omissions. For international orders, we cannot guarantee the time your order might take in customs, or to be delivered to you by your local currier.

Returned goods
Goods should be returned in their original packaging, with the barcode attached. They are to be unused other than for the purpose of trying on for fit.
If there is evidence to suggest that the goods have been used to a degree such as to decrease the value of the product, the customer loses his/her right to exercise a return. Make sure the products are in the same condition in which they were delivered to you, with all identification tags, packaging and seal still attached.
Please note that we have a 14 days return policy. The customer has the right to return new, unworn or unused goods within 14 days. The return of the products has to be addressed to Hasla AS, Nordibøvegen 134, 4747 Valle, Norway. The return form is attached to the confirmation e-mail that you receive when you have placed an order. Products that are returned later than 14 days will be sent back to you. 

You can also download the form here.

Customer’s obligations
Whoever is registered with, is responsible for payment of the services or,’s partners supply under these conditions. The responsibility also includes others’ use of customer access, including unauthorized use, unless it can be demonstrated that the unauthorized use was made possible through the negligence of

Change in terms reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, including as a result of changes in legislation.

Personal Information
Hasla Jewelry / Hasla AS is entitled to collect, process and use our customers’ data in accordance with applicable data protection law. Hasla AS will use only use the customer’s data for purpose which the data are provided for and/or for correspondence with the customer. We also collect and store log data such as which categories and products sought and looked at, to be able to learn what our customers are interested in as well as improve our assortment and offers. This information is also used to make it possible to show you related products or send you related offers (if you have explicitly asked for this). We use and require a cookie to register and place an order. (It is possible to view products without using cookies.) We offer newsletter emails so you can receive various kinds of information and offers. It is voluntary to receive these, and you must explicitly join in connection with registration. It is also easy to withdraw from the mailing list. don’t sell personal information to third parties, nor do we exchange or pass on such information with third parties., by general manager, is responsible for processing of personal data as described above.

We reserve typos and any rate changes Images used on our pages are illustrative and may differ from the actual product appearance

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This means that trademarks, company names, product names, product information, including, among other: mention of products and weight, pictures / graphics, design and layout and other content on this website under any circumstances cannot be downloaded, copied or used in any way without being explicitly permitted by applicable law or being explicitly explicit written consent of Hasla Jewelry /
Information provided in the online store We strive to give our customer as correct information about our products as possible. However, we take the proviso that writing / printing errors may occur, which may imply that we cannot deliver according to information published in our web shop, marketing or otherwise.
Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel your order or part thereof, if the product is sold out. We advise the customer to read our product care guidelines. We have a 2-year guarantee for claims, but if the product has been stored or used in any other way then we recommend, we have the right to reject the claim. However, we can always repair a broken piece of jewelry for a fee. This will vary depending on the size of the repair.