Hasla is a Norwegian jewelry brand with a distinct Scandinavian imprint and a strong connection to handcraft. Great design starts with a thought-through vision and high quality, and this is at the core of the brand, and evident in everything we do.
Anne and Gunnhild Hasla has figured out what makes a piece of jewelry more than something sparkling that hangs around your neck. By taking inspiration from the organic shapes of the Norwegian mountains and Pablo Picasso’s cubism, Hasla creates jewelry that makes you move closer and actually look. 

Hasla is a seasonless brand with two drops a year, using only recycled metals. The collections explores the fusion between the limitless way of art, and the compromises of good design. Anne creates pieces for everyday wear, and her background in art and art history influences the aesthetic.

The brand is runned by designer Anne Hasla and brand director Gunnhild Hasla, and the brand name stems from their family name. 
They are sisters and work close together to create casual luxury pieces with a timeless vibe, made to be worn, and loved forever. The workshop was established by Grete Fossen and Ørnulf Hasla in 1984, where their family has lived, and worked as goldsmiths for generations. They also have an office and brand store in Oslo. 

Every piece of Hasla jewelry is sustainable – not only are they made from recycled silver and delivered in eco-friendly boxes – they are made to last. Anne and Gunnhild’s goal is to make jewelry that can live on for generations, without being compromised by trends. They make wearable pieces of timeless art, combining the traditions of good craftsmanship with the excitement and playfulness of art.

Jewelry from Hasla are everyday luxury pieces meant to be worn and loved forever with a casual and timeless vibe. 

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