Our workshop is located in Setesdal where we design and craft our jewelry. Located in Valle, the workshop was established by Grete Fossen and Ørnulf Hasla in 1984. We have been here since, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking surroundings to design our jewelry. At our workshop in Valle, we are devoted to silvermithing and craftsmanship. We have apprentices working alongside our goldsmiths in order to learn the craft. We wish to preserve the traditions for craftsmanship for future generations.

Hasla’s head designer, Anne Hasla, designs timeless jewelry based on a simple, stylish and Scandinavian design philosophy. The design is often inspired by the Norwegian nature, and has a unique and modern expression. In addition to our modern designs, we create traditional pieces at our workshop carrying the brand name Fossensylv.

We are constantly working on being more sustainable. All the metal used to make our jewelry is recycled, we are also changing our boxes to Eco Friendly boxes, and we are working on getting biodegradable plastic bags to store the jewelry in. We think that is a good start. And remember, we can help you repair your old jewelry if it is broken!

After completing the design and all the masters for our collection we collaborate with Felicia Design i Bangkok, Thailand. The talented goldsmiths produce our collections in their modern workshop. Read more here.

Hasla produksjon