We only use precious metals, 925 and 830 silver. Our gilding is very durable, with 18k gold and 0,5 micron thickness, however frequent use can cause the gilding (plating) to be worn of. All plated silver jewlery can be both plated and oxidized anew. When your jewelry is used and stored properly, the gold color will last for a long time. All items are treated with anti-tarnish treatment. Still, silver might oxidize over time. To avoid this as much as possible, follow the product care instructions. Silver polish can also be bought at any goldsmith.

When not wearing the jewelry, we advice you to store it in an airtight bag in order to keep its surface shiny. Avoid direct contact with chemicals, e.g. perfume. Do not wear your jewelry to bed or when showering.

Some of our jewelry are coloured by means of black rhodium. Rhodium belongs to the platina family and is a very costly metal. It is durable, and when your jewelry is used and stored properly, the color will last for a long time.

For high polished surfaces, scratches may appear. Scratches and small dents are not considered a defect, but just a sign of normal usage. We advise you to store each piece separate so they don’t scratch into one another. Scratches will also fade over time and be less visible.

Do not bend and pull chains, necklaces, bracelets or rings.